In 2010 my world was torn apart when my 3rd child was born silently sleeping, just days before christmas. 

I was blessed with the time to research before my son arrived and found out its common and normal to take photo's when a baby has been stillborn.  This gave me an opportunity to capture as much of his tiny life in that fleeting moment of time I had with him.

In the weeks and months to come, I reached out to support groups, both in person and online. As we shared our stories it become sadly apparent how many families had few or no photos and out of those who had photos, many people felt unsure about how their beautiful babies would be seen by the world outside of the baby loss community.

I was training as a photographer when I had fallen pregnant. In a natural progression I began using photography to deal with the crippling grief.

In  December 2013, in memory of my baby boy Kamden, I created Tiny Souls. I am available round the clock, often at very last minuet. I have photographed over 200 babies, a number which sadly will continue to grow each week. I feel honoured to spend time with every family I meet when I know first hand how short and precious those moments are. 


Jo Cope


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