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Bobby 24th August 2015

I met Bobby and his parents in August 2015. Bobby was born just after his due date at 40+4, a beautiful 7lb 10oz baby boy.

Laura & Luke met aged 16 and said from day one that if they ever had a boy, they would name him Bobby. After having two little girls, it was the first pregnancy where they found out the gender and were so happy to be told they were having a baby boy. It was Lukes dream to have a little boy called Bobby.

Laura and Lukes baby was born on 24th of August, the day of his Great Grandad Bob's birthday.

Tragically, Bobby was born sleeping. I met his lovely family and captured images of their much loved and longed for Bobby as they spent such precious moments caring for their little boy.

Alexa  Grace Ransome 12th September 2014

Andy and I met in 2003, we spent a few years working on our careers, travelling etc and in 2010 we got married.

In 2012 we welcomed our first daughter. We were over the moon to find out we were expecting again in early 2014. The pregnancy was very similar to the first and at 20 weeks we found out we were expecting our second girl.

Our first daughter was born 15 days overdue, so it came as no surprise when my due date came and went. At 40+6 labour started. The following morning we were about to leave for hospital when I suddenly experienced massive blood loss. I was rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean. Our daughter, Alexa Grace, was born sleeping on 12th September 2014. We later found out there was a tear in the umbilical cord that happened when my waters broke. Alexa was an otherwise healthy baby, weighing 7lbs 13oz. The doctors can’t explain why the tear would have happened, it is a very unusual occurrence. Our world fell apart. Tiny Souls / Jo has been with us, supporting us since that day.


Arnold Bradley 31st  January 2015

We found out at our 20 week scan that our baby had a few things wrong with him but we were told we needed to go to London for further scans to find out more. I instantly started to cry, I was so scared and I just wanted to keep my baby safe.

We were told our baby had severe brain damage and other disabilities meaning he would never have use of the bottom half of his body. He wouldn't be able to walk, use the bathroom and because of the severe brain damage we were also told he would be unlikely to talk or have the ability to move his own wheelchair.

Four days later I was in hospital being induced ready to deliver my very poorly baby. I felt like such a failure, the one person in the world who is meant to keep you safe is your mum and I had failed. I felt incredible guilt that we had made the heartbreaking decision to terminate the pregnancy and I was so scared that when I held him in my arms he would look perfect. I needed to see that we had made the right decision otherwise it would haunt me forever.

Those four days were the worst days of my life and I will never forget the rollercoaster of emotions I went through.

Jo came to take photos of us in the hospital and I am forever grateful that we had those memories of him. We have some of the pictures of Arnold up in our house among pictures of our other children and I always talk about him.

We were given a memory box in the hospital and different members of the family have put things in there for him which is always lovely to look through.

We always make sure we do something special on his birthday and we send him a balloon up to heaven for him to catch and play with which my daughter loves.

After we lost Arnold I ordered an ashes ring and that has given me great comfort, I feel like he is always with us where ever we go experiencing things like holidays, days out, trips to the park, dinner time etc.

I have also found music a comfort, when arranging Arnold's funeral I chose a number of special songs for him and if I am having a day where I am missing him terribly I play his songs.

If I could give once piece of advice to anyone it would be to make sure you have pictures. I was really unsure how I felt about it but we had them done anyway and I am so glad we did.

For my little angel.xx

Oliver 14th August 2014

Jacob Crow 3rd April 2016

Emelia Nice 8th October 2015


Teddy 25th July 2016


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